Cou Cou Baby
Forgive me


sultry evenings lure me
into the shadows

where sweetness dies
and cravings grow thick

bodies extract flavors
of a forbidden kiss

innocent words
grab your throat

and fuck you to a bliss

I want to go
where my mind went
after my eyes
first saw you
My senses have not yet returned || Nav K (via navk)
the mouth
which tells you, here,
here is the world.
This mouth. This laughter.

These temple bones.


There are people who walk with a stride that my eyes have not been near enough to feel

They dance with a laugh that my ears once knew as the drawing of my own breath

They are loves that built each solid foundation that holds this spine erect when awaking to a new dawn

Their presence
A present


This speaks to my soulThe sun in and the moonTogether in a frameBuilt by twin trees embracing
- solushospes, beautiful photography reblog


This speaks to my soul
The sun in and the moon
Together in a frame
Built by twin trees embracing


- solushospes, beautiful photography reblog

You seem incredibly faraway to me, like someone on the other side of a lake. A dot so small that it isn’t male or female or young or old; it is just smiling.
Miranda July (via vletrmx21)
… the pang of tenderness remained, akin to the vibrating outline of verses you know you know but cannot recall.
Vladimir Nabokov, from Pnin (Heinemann, 1957)

Gregory Prescott


Gregory Prescott

A soft woman
is simply a wolf
caught in meditation.
Pavana पवन  (via targaryaens)